Thursday, May 30, 2013

May Love List

Things Mal loved this past month

  1. Being outside has been great, this day the girls were playing hockey. They had to wear their bike helmets because I wouldn't let them wear Jesse's.
  2. We have been visiting Boulder Ridge Animal Park weekly and we finally took Jess with us. He loved the birds, you can see by his face. I made fun a little bit and told him I would take him there if he was ever feeling down. Seriously though, he was smiling and laughing the whole time. No this does not make me want a bird.
  3. Jo has been playing t-ball. She was excited about playing. . . now she wants to be done. I just told her that the game that was cancelled got rescheduled, she replied with "WHHHYYYY???!". I told her she had to finish this season but she doesn't have to play next year. She told me she just wants to play softball.
  4. We went and watched the airplanes one day and Poppy Ladean (FIL) came bearing snacks on his lunch break.
  5. We got a new bunny! His name is Meiko and is the perfect little bunny.
  6. Last but not least, RAE TURNED THREE! I can hardly believe it has been three years. 

What Jamie loved about the month of May
  1. Dressing Stella and Ellie up in the little Amish dresses that Ellie's Grandma bought them
  2. Visiting Boulder Ridge Animal Park with the Schrocks
  3. My new sandels
  4. Lunch and Gatsby with the hubs, our first date since January!
  5. Spending the day at the pond with the whole family
  6. Spending the day at Hooterville with Tim's family

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