Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kids Talk...Sometimes too much

Setup: I surprised the girls and got them breadsticks while we were having a girls night.

Jo: "Everytime you buy breadsticks I get full but I can't stop eating them. Next time you guys can buy your box and then just order me a little package of breadsticks. I like them a lot but my belly hurts."


We were playing Monopoly (Disney addition because for some reason it was that or Electronic-and i hate the electronic) with Jamie, Tim, baby bro, Jess. Jesse was Peter Pan. Owen accidentally moved Jesse's piece (Peter). Jess found it necessary to say, "Keep your hands off my Peter."

I look at Jess with "the eyes" and say, "Jesse Dean that was inappropriate."

A week later the girls and I were watching Return to the Neverland (2nd Peter Pan movie) and Jo comes up to me. She said, "Mom, um you told my dad it was inappropriate to say Peter."

I responded with, "Umm, yah. Let's watch the movie." Then proceeded to call Jamie in the kitchen. . . it was so funny!


Back story: Jesse's parents maintain their church's cemetery.

The kids were playing house while I was doing dishes. I heard Jo on the "phone" saying, "Hi Dad, yah, ok, I will meet you at the cemetery in  a little bit."

Normal? Probably not, but, that is exactly why I love her. You never know what she is going to say. Love It!


Me, "Raelin Deann take care of your plate right now. This the last time I'm telling you."
Rae, "I'm the witch call me witch."
Me, "Ok witch take care of your plate."
Rae, "okay"


Andi, "Haha, you're funny."
Me, "You are funny."
Andi, "Uh, no I'm not. . . well. . .maybe just a little bit."


Rae, "UGGHH, Shtelly whipped my boot."
Me, "Stella ripped your boot?"
Rae, "Yah. When she waz at my housse in my woom she whipped my boot. I yelled at her and said, 'Go in timeout Shtelly.'"
Me, "Rae you can't yell at other kids and put them in time out. You're not their mom honey."
Rae, " Yes I am the mom."
Me, "No you're not Rae. Auntie J is her mom."
Rae, "Ok. You be the mom and I be the mom. How do you like that good idea?!"
Me, "Uhh, probably not."

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