Sunday, September 25, 2011

182 days

182 days also known as 26 weeks.

Yes sir, we made it yet another week. this makes it 6 weeks/48 days on bed rest.

Which leads me to the count down 8 weeks left. If you are calculating it, yes, that means next week(27 weeks) we will be half way to having Gatlyn here.

Playing outside:) this was a couple weeks ago.

Smarties for my Smarty Pants girls.

newest crochet project that I finished.
Trying to take a good pic... this is the one she told me to put on my blog. 

Keeps me semi-sane!

And the projects I will be working on this week will be. Creating Ruthie a cute hat as well as Gatlyn. Mom and I are going to make a crochet blanket/quilt thing. We will both be making squares and then we will hook them all together. I am excited mom is starting to crochet! I will be finishing up my present for hubster as well.

Baby brother's 19th birthday is today! I will tell you a little about baby bro: he is a lover, caring and fun to be around(most of the time). Baby bro aka Owen and I have always been super close. I would be the one to calm him down if he was upset and stick up for him no matter what. He is the best uncle ever too, he would do anything for his nieces. He has came up and seen me a few times and even took me home the first time I got to leave the hospital. I would do anything for him and I am sure he is the same.  He has always brought pizza over and hung out with Jess and me before the kids. Side note he always buys the biggest presents. Practically everything he gets the girls has to be put in the garage. Not that the presents matter but I think he thinks size matters;) Happy Birthday baby brother.
Also as you can see from this pic... he is a lot taller than all of us women.
Jamie, Owen, Alexis and Mama Schrock
Just so you know I am the tallest sister, I think Jamie must be on a rock.

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