Friday, September 23, 2011

recap of a decent week


Ok, so I started this post earlier in the day. . .and now I am in a totally different mind set. Therefore I deleted most everything I had typed. So my mother brought the girls to the hospital and Jess came after work tonight. So I got to see my mommy and talk to her about Stella which made me happy. On top of that the girls were in a GREAT mood. Except their allergies are starting to act up. BOO! We took them down to the play center after mom left and I ate a delicious meal.

Tonight the meal included [MANY carbs of course] noodles w/ parm, garlic bread, homemade rolls(courtesy of Gma B), BUSCH'S baked beans(original of course) and a Dr. Pepper on the rocks. For all those who know my love for bread/noodles could just imagine how happy I was!

After we were done playing downstairs it was time to return to my room. So Daddy-O loaded up the girlies on my lap and back upstairs he pushed. (He must get a great workout when he is here) We ate some snacks and then it was time for them to head home. Which surprisingly isn't that traumatic (I am more than happy about this). But, after they leave I get settled back in what do I find...yup...Jess' keys. So I try to call and get no answer. I sit for a second was like, "What the heck, might as well go on another ride." I hopped back in the wheel chair and started peddling away. And yes my nurses knew.

On the way down I met a nice couple who were in a similar situation. I talked to them for like 5 minutes. It was nice to have a conversation with somebody else. Who knows maybe we will become hospital buddies. Although. . . the chances of us being up and around at the same time again are slim! O well. Anyway it was nice. Back to the mission at hand. I am trying to get ahold of the JMan for along time and he isn't answering. Finally he does and I don't have have good service and get cut off. I am waiting by the elevators where I believe he would be coming from to get his keys(assuming he realized he forgot the) After 5 minutes of waiting I get another call and have service. He says he had my set of keys in the car so he was all set. I was like "AWWW MAN... you mean I just peddled around like a fool for nothing. O well, back to my room I go." Needless to say I broke a sweat and got a little out of breath(pathetic yes)

Maybe not as entertaining now that I type it. It got me all hyped up though.

I wish I had pics to post...

I ordered the stuff for the girl's halloween costumes:) Won't arrive at home for like a week and half so I will have it in about 2 weeks. This excites me.

ALSO...Dr. said I should have another ultra sound next Wednesday possibly. PRAY he is looking good and growing great.

And I am fully aware I call Jess a million different things in here. But I do it in real life so might as well on here. I do it to make him be like, why are you calling me that.

Another thing, Jess has been informing that I am not that funny. So if you don't get my humor I am sorry, you will deal with it just as he does. Just be glad you don't have to sit and listen to be LOUD laugh everytime I think I am funny. Because this is no lie I mock or make comments at the TV all day and laugh at myself. WOODtv 8 does this to me I swear. Did anybody else see that they are casting the news from the GRAM and have a gate outside and had like 10 people watching them record. The news guy was out there pretending to be Al Roker or something. If you haven't seen try to catch the channel 8 news at 11 tonight. Seriously.

The Office came up slightly disappointing last night in my books. Other than the fact that Andy said "Chins up" to Pam who was just crying about how fat she was. HAHA. My new favorite by far was Whitney. Needless to say Thursday nights will be a great night of tellie each week.

Mom found this on I right?!?!
God is Love...Rev Run (I had to sorry. loved that show-btw i was also laughing while i typed this because i thought it would be kinda funny...i know you feel bad for jess for real now)

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