Sunday, September 4, 2011

23 weeks.

So today I am 23 weeks. Which is a big deal-each day is better but weeks are amazing!

Next goal: 24 weeks:) 7 days and counting down.

Hmm... what occupies all this free time...
This just cracked me up:) 

2 Timothy and the Pslams for my Bible Reading
O&O got my this journal while in Clare this i started that.

Bow that will be attached to head band when I get my yarn needle

Headband on will fit the nieces though too:)
So if you are wondering how my crocheting adventure is going. It is going fairly well. I taught myself basically on Youtube and then my grandma came to check in on my progress. I have made a dish cloth and made some headbands for my nieces. I find the dish cloths to be boring--the head bands are fun. I still need to get a yarn needle so I can finish each of them. I would also like to get some fun colored yarn. I am thinking this week I will watch some more video on how to make a hat. So this headband is for Ruth, yellow is her color;) But she tried it on yesterday without the bow and it looked adorableon her... wouldn't expect anything less! I found this headband pattern/stitches at THIS great blog. And all of the pictures are via Photobooth because O&O brought my camera today and the pics wouldn't upload...annoying.

So O&O came today to hang out and we got to visit the NICU floor. We also were able to see a little girl that will be close to Gatlyn. She weighed 1lb. 12 oz. but she also was 28 weeks. Gatlyn right now weighs around 423 grams. Which is not even a should see these diapers-it was so unreal. The babies are smaller than Molly and Colin(most normal babies are smaller than Colin though!haha)

If you don't know who Molly and Colin are: they are JoJo's babies. Molly is a bitty baby and Colin is an abnormally large doll that JoJo named Colin. Colin stays at Nanner and Poppy's house because it was my sister's baby growing up.

Nice run off huh? You can tell I don't talk to many people so you guys are my outlet!haha...

NICU: very big place lots of teeny tiny babies and very family friendly. Rooms for guests to hang out in and wait to see baby Gatlyn and fish tanks for the girls to look at. We were told today that when he is born they will stabilize him and then take him to the NICU pretty much right away. They will try and let us touch and hold him if he is strong enough for that. But as soon as I am out of recovery they will wheel me down there and let me put my hands on him. O&O can go down right away and be with him if he wishes. I need to take a picture of that diaper so you can see. It is so incredibly small!

Yes, I do have big hands but that diaper is the size of my palm! It is like 1/2 a premie diaper.

Oh yah, these are my pressure cuff things for my legs-to prevent blood clots. 20 out of 24 hours these bad boys have to be on. They pump up and are semi annoying. I think more annoying for visitors bc I am so used to them now. So apologizes in advance if you are annoyed by them.

Thanks for all your prayers, messages, gifts and just kindness over all. We are all doing much better today. I am happy and feel GREAT today. Friday/Saturday was rough but I am very fortunate to have the best husband and girls. 

Just off the phone with O&O and he is letting Andi have friends over because she is acting sad, such a softy. Oh yes and he is calling again because he is in charge of canning. Spaghetti sauce is what he is canning today. What a great guy<3

Oh yah...big sis is now 37 weeks pregnant! Stella will be coming soon:) This makes me excited. But, I love that she is not complaining about it at all... at least not to me;) Enjoy the fact you can carry your child full term and go 41 weeks if need be. That's that. Love you sister and I know you will do great.

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  1. Aww! You HAVE to make Stell one of those headbands! So adorbable. BTW I love your updates, especially since I can't come visit you. Miss you, love you and am so proud of you.


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