Thursday, September 1, 2011

could be corny

Alright, so I am hoping tomorrow (Friday) by some miracle I get to come home. But...I am preparing to stay in the hospital for at least another month or 2 or 3 or however long I have to keep Gatlyn in there!
Anywho, yesterday was a semi emotional day. It is crazy though because I feel like I can't cry about anything anymore. I don't know if I just am taking everything in stride or maybe one of these days I am just gonna break lose. Either way, current demeanor is very determined and hopeful.
Ok, now onto the what may be corny. I feel though I have the right to be corny. Last night JoJo and I stayed up late. Not because she wasn't tired, because this momma couldn't put her to bed bc it was her last night with me for awhile(possibly). Due to an early Dr. appt. Friday, the ladies are staying with my momma for the day/night. What do you do with a 3 year old at 10 o'clock? You make bracelets for you family of course! That's right, all 4 of us have bracelets to keep on to just kinda remember the love of our family. Since we will be in so many different places and rarely together the next couple months. Ok, now I am tearing just makes me feel better that at least JoJo knows that I made the bracelet for her. She kinda gets it and Raebug has no idea. Either way O&O has one too:) At first he was like seriously? Then after convincing of JoJo he picked out some colors and we made him a manly bracelet. Couldn't think of a cool name for them. then we will make one for Gatlyn once he gets here. He most likely won't be able to wear it but he can keep it near him.

Ready for a crazy God thing? I am lying in bed typing, once again semi emotional, and each time I start to cry Gatlyn kicks. He is like, "Whoa momma, you are doing good keep going!" It is crazy to feel so much love for him-But, this little guy makes me stronger every day!

Enough will my dramatics and I am going to show you our Bracelet love. Please understand that JoJo does not cooperate for any photos. She will pose with something in front of her face whenever though. weirdo!
Raebug on the other hand LOVES her picture taken.


  1. I am balling here!!! ahhhh so cute and special <3 love you all

  2. Not corny. And I need to stop reading your blog while I'm at work. I tear up every time. Love all 5 of you!

  3. Awwww're making me cry!
    Please let Jesse know that Taylor and I are just a stones throw away if he needs help with the girls or anything else. Just text or call if you need us! Praying for you all :].


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