Tuesday, September 27, 2011

top tuesdays.4

I am well aware that it is Monday night, but, I am excited for #10!

I am loving this inspirational graphics I am finding on pinterest lately.
 I think I have managed this. Which also brings me to the point that I have an amazing husband.
All you moms out there understand.

I can't wait to purchase some decent clothes for the winter months. I love the simplicity of this outfit though. 

I really love trouser pants. I must get a pair

These look like a piece of heaven. My two favorite things bundled into one delicious treat. Someone else has got to be with me on this!?! Cookie Dough Brownies:) hey mom... you can click the name for the recipe;)

This movie is supposed to be funny and I wanna see it. JD must fine time to rent this for me...he's not busy or anything(joke!)

beautiful nieces<3
Can't wait to get my hands on them again and for the first time.
I wanted to share my 2 favorite movies.
This is the funniest movie ever. No lie in high school I watched it on the bus to EVERY softball game and laughed everytime. And yes I do quote the whole movie. . . now if I could just get it back from my siblings.

This actually was my big sister's movie, she didn't watch it I loved it and am on my second DVD. The other one got all scratched. Sports & love all wrapped into one perfect movie.

Gatlyn is now 1 whole pound and 12 ounces. If you don't remember from my previous post. Jess and I were able to see a 1lb 12oz baby when we visited the NICU. This just made my heart feel better knowing he was ALREADY that! He is still tucked away in there with a whole 1cm of fluid (average fluid about is 15-30cm... so we are struggling there.) Basically just knowing that another baby his size was doing fine in the NICU makes me feel better. This is a great start to my week and also a great pick me up to keep on truckin'. 
FUNNY NOTE: During the ultra sound the lady said, "Oh look there is his little hand. And. . . I can't see the gender because his hand is right over it. Well, I guess we know it's a he then!"
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA--made me and jess crack up.haha
Also, I would post a picture of him but you can barely see him because I don't have fluid therefore it is just a mumbled jumbled mess in there.


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