Tuesday, September 13, 2011

top tuesdays.2

big happenings on this top ten tuesday.

ONE: O&O passed his journeymen's test. He was an electrician's apprentice, now he is a journeymen!!! ahhhhhh we are so excited you couldn't even imagine. He passed on his first try, which hasn't happened in their company since his brother passed last year! So next for him is his CDL test (so he can drive semis.) Then after we are settled down from all of our happenings with Gatlyn he can start looking around for some different jobs:) But, I am def. making him wait until this is all over!
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am so excited! btw... i tried to get him to pose with his paper but wouldn't.

TWO: I am 24 weeks. enough said.

THREE: I have pretty much conquered my bow making abilities with crochet! (see picture)

FOUR: Getting better at crocheting... and I LOVE it! I seriously do it for hours and time flies by.
Gatlyn's little hat.
For me a nice headband!
Working on this for niece Ruth.

FIVE: My little ladies came Friday night. It was pure joy and entertainment, as usual. And we watched some pretty nice fireworks outside my window!

SIX: My That's So City sister is now 38 weeks. Which means Stella could come anytime. Although my sister is pretty convinced Stell is going to stay in as long as possible. Which sister is pretty ok with. 

SEVEN: I had many visitors this week, which made the majority of the time FLY by. 

EIGHT: Am obsessed with these embroidery name things I found on Pinterest. I am probably going to be making them for somebody Christmas gift. who wants one?!

NINE: When JoJo says, "Mom, Mom I have to tell you somethin."

TEN:  The fact that Parenthood starts tonight.

Happy, Happy Tuesday!

Top Ten {Tuesday} 

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