Sunday, September 11, 2011

can we say 24 weeks?

Yes, yes we have made it to 24 weeks!!! 

4 weeks down of bed rest and well...10 weeks to go. 
I was really excited to type the first part of that 4 weeks down. 10 weeks is a long time. 

Every day and week is so crucial for Gatlyn, so, he can just STAY put!

I have been crocheting like crazy making 3 different hats and a few headbands. 

This is my favorite so far!
Actually my husband couldn't believe I made that hat. Which most people would find insulting, but, I find it kinda funny. I love surprising him with hidden talents!haha

We had a little scare early this morning-around 4am. I woke up to get my temperature taken and then I of course had to go the bathroom. It didn't go as usual and I lost some blood. Of course I freaked out and called my nurse back in. But, I was reassured by the doctors and nurses that this is completely normal. Considering I do not have fluid or anything protecting me from my crazy, kicking, jabbing Gatlyn: he can bang me up a little bit internally. So...all is good with Gatlyn and me. He has been doing all of the above all day today. 

Today, my little ladies came and we hung out in the Children's area for like a hour! It was a nice way to start the week. ALSO--JESSE PASSED HIS JOURNEYMEN'S TEST! (really really really big deal)

6 days and 3.75 hours until I am 25 weeks:)

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