Sunday, October 2, 2011

another week has passed

Another week has passed. Which now brings the grand total of 7 weeks on bed rest for this lady. And hoping for another 7. . .

October 2nd also means I have been back in the hospital for a month. 

Doctor says she will feel A LOT better once we get to 28 weeks. As will I.

New room change this week. I am now in the "Penthouse" and am a "Queen Bee". Which basically means you are now one of the patients who have been here the longest, so, you get the room with a 2 sets of windows and some more room. The lady prior to me I was told, had been here a while too. So I took some pics of my new pad.

Wanna see my "Penthouse"?
My board. Obviously I took this pic a couple days ago. Filled with pics of my girlies and one of the little fella. This also is our Sequence board. See top right... hubs is a little harsh, MaLoser. . . for reals?

Fridge packed with plenty of Dr. P and other snacks.

Snack Attack! and yes that is a giant pumpkin filled with all different kids of M&Ms.

Yum...I love me some carbs and cake. FYI I don't use all that butter!

flowers courtesy of bullings


The Art Studio:)

The Penthouse

flowers courtesy of brenda and pumpkin: amanda

The daily routine: devotional, bible, journal

hanging out in the children's center.

She doesn't stop moving!

Within reach of my bed:)

The usual lunch.

twice a day chocolate torte
Home is where your family is. . . I think mine needs to come move in with me:)

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  1. Hang in there mal!! U r a strong woman and momma! Keep that little peanut in there a little longer, u r doing great! I pray for u everyday!


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