Saturday, October 1, 2011

a look into my "normal"

I was telling my cousin yesterday and then my grandpa and other cousin today about how I feel like me being here is starting to feel "normal". I am worried about that. . . not enough to stress over it. I just feel like me being in the hospital is starting to feel way too normal. I am getting into a routine which is great-at the same time I am not wanting this to be normal. I know, I know, this is a stage, not for long, this will seem like just a phase in the big picture. Guess what folks, I am not always going to think of it that way. But, I usually do. A good rant/vent here there is tolerated.

On a slightly funny note. I was told I need to peddle myself around more and sit in the chair/couch for awhile each day. I have now experienced why they say this. I peddled myself down to the lobby to meet Jess, the girls, and sister(Kelsey). I was doing pretty good, after we sat for awhile eating, and I took JoJo to the bathroom. I started to feel really queasy and was sweating that I was playing basketball. I had to go to the bathroom(where they have a Dr. table thingy) and lay down. After 5 minutes I started to feel better but had to go back to my room. I had another little episode on the way up. After checking my vitals, everything was fine. The Dr. came in and told me I was unconditioned. Basically I am out of shape and need to get it together. lol-so this week I came to the realization that I will not be the usual "bounce back quick" Mallorie.  I am pretty much gonna struggle to get back into things. You all know that this is going to be hard for me. So, needless to say I was up and around(as in the wheelchair) a lot yesterday and am going for a stroll later. Gotta get it together.

Sorry that was so long!

Courtesy of a family friend, Dona, I received 6 skeins of yarn. 4 of which were this awesome color and texture. Raebug found it in my bag-o-yarn and was walking around with it against her cheek. I said, "That is for her blanket now". I am excited to show you and more excited for her to see it.
Finished Product

Pinks, Purples & Orange
The pattern was actually pretty cool. I worked from the middle and worked out from there. Which eliminates the whole uneven factor that usually pops up. This is a real chunky yarn & I can't wait to do more stuff with chunky yarn! It was a new fun project. Thanks Dona for the materials. Raelin was into for about as long as a 16 month old can be. That's ok though. I also whipped up another hat for Andi, upon her request. It didn't turn out that great. So mom is going to wash it and see if it is just the yarn got stretched out. 

Read Romans 12 yesterday and it was great. I encourage you to take a peek at it. 

Smile a lot today:)

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