Monday, October 17, 2011

mama's cookin' again

Tonight's Menu was a quick decision. Being that hubster hasn't really had to cook anything for a month our fridge/freezer are lacking in a few areas. I took a look around the kitchen and seen potatoes and no protein. I knew potato soup was gonna be on the menu. Now I had to find a different recipe than I usually use. So of course where else to go than Pinterest. I needed a QUICK, baconless soup. (The recipe I usually use take like 4 hours. I had one hour.) After looking at a few different recipes I went with this one. It actually is a toddler soup. So would be great if your kids like potatoes and cheese:) Unfortunately my girls are not potato lovers. They opted for Mac N' Cheese. Hubster said that he would like his less pureed next time but loved the flavor and stuff. He put topped his with goldfish crackers. Which toddlers would love the fish in their soup! Then also I remembered seeing a 30 minute roll on Pinterest as well. So I looked that up and whipped up real quick. You can find the recipe here.

This meal literally took me a hour. That includes prep all the way to clean up and a 3 year old helper. Which for some reason always means more clean up. But, I want her to learn to cook and like being in the kitchen! Hope you try these out and enjoy them as much as Jess did.

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