Thursday, October 27, 2011


Gatlyn is actually dong a million times better than a week ago. thanks for all the prayers. Throughout the weekend he had 2 blood cultures and 1 lumbar puncture and 4 different IVs. So to say the least the weekend and beginning of the week was tiring for the Cowboy. First blood culture was actually a false positive:) and the 2nd has had no growth in 48 hours(just keep praying it stays that way) and the lumbar puncture has came back negative so far as well. They started his feedings back up and as of last night he was keeping them down for the most part. He also got a new PICC line in yesterday and it is now in his lower leg. He has remained at 2 lbs 7 oz the last two nights:) First time he has ever been over his birth weight!! Exciting stuff!! I got to spend 2 hours with him last night and I had a long talk about him behaving, maybe just maybe he will listen. His gas levels also have been a lot better so they lowered his CPAP down to 5 pressure. (this weekend they took that up to a 6 b/c he was struggling.) That is all the updates as of now. I called to check on him at 11:30 and his nurse was on break. I will call later to see if they upped his feedings at all:) Thanks for the prayers. (Sorry for any of the Brodbeck family that just read the exact same post)

So, currently I just go and sit next to Gatlyn, last night I was up there for a couple hours and just read. Jess or myself go up each night to try and to his care time. His care times are every 3 hours so we make it to the 9pm one as much as we can. At 9 they change diaper, take temperature, weigh him, feed and clean him all up and tuck him in for the night. He likes to be on his belly, so they usually have him that way for awhile over night. Last night he was awake for the whole care time! Glad to have my Cowboy getting back to himself.

My big sister is coming up for the weekend so I am excited to get to love on my niece and also my baby sis will be in town as well. I will take lots of pics and share them next week:)

live SIMPLE 
PRAY lots
and the rest will fall into place. . .

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