Friday, October 14, 2011

this is how the story goes

Birth story of the little cowboy. (i need to figure out something fun to call Gatlyn so I will try some things out until I decide)

On Saturday (Oct. 8th) I began having contractions throughout the day. Honestly though I chalked it up to being really uncomfortable because he was in a WEIRD position. So I just was uncomfortable all day pretty much. Then around 12am on October 9th I began timing them and they were about 5 minutes apart.  Gave my nurse a jingle after 30 minutes of that. They were pretty hard contractions, but, the machine wasn't picking them up. Nurse called in resident and they checked to see if I was dilating and I was at a 1.  At this point I was like, "Geez o petes Mal you better suck it up." They gave me some tylenol and then I waited another hour and called out again and was like I am still having them. I was getting no sleep obviously. She called the resident again and I was already at a 3. From 12:30am until 2:30am I was trying to get ahold of Jess. He had his phone on vibrate and I couldn't get through to him. So when they told me I was going to be moved to the 3rd floor to have my c-section, I had to call my father in law to go wake Jess up. I don't even know what time Jess finally got on his way but I entered the OR at 3:31am. No Jess:(  They kept reassuring me that they would bring him in as soon as he got there and changed into his scrubs. Right before I went into the OR they couldn't find Gatlyn's heartbeat--so when we got into the OR they got me on a monitor and found his heartbeat(whew). So, then spinal block and then all the fun:)

I had an incision across my low

er abdomen and then an up and down on my uterus. Gatlyn cried a little bit when he came out and then they took him to the team of NICU specialists. So I got to see but not touch. Jess actually got their 5 minutes too late to see him. He was born at 3:51am and when Jess came in at 4 he was already gone to the NICU. Jess was bummed.

Then after they got me all stitched up I was in recovery by 4:30. Crazy how fast that went. It took them awhile to get Gatlyn settled in and then Jess went and seen him inbetween 8-9am. I couldn't quite make it there. I was pretty nauseous after so I couldn't make it to the wheel chair to get down there.

On Tuesday late afternoon I came home:) I was so excited, but, obviously not feeling up to par. Each day keeps getting better for me.

Gatlyn is doing really well for his size/age. He has never needed a ventilator (PTL) and just on a CPAP (basically just to give him a boost of air every once in awhile). He has a PIC line in (which is also a big deal). I will post updates as often as possible. But, it seems like things are just getting crazier each day!

"Sometimes," said Pooh, "the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."


  1. awww yay for Gatlyn, I thank God everyday for his little life. Dont we think we should add him to the side mamma?!

  2. Wondered if you had anytime to make your little man any hats while you were on bed rest??? If not, I would love to whip him up when and mail it to you. I've been following you after you had psted on my blog about Rosie's Cozies and that you were in Granr Rapids! I am hoping to bring all of the Rosie's Cozies hats up there in the next few weeks....God bless you and that little man of yours! Praying for his health and your strength!


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