Sunday, October 16, 2011

pumpkin palooza

Saturday was a great fall day for the Schrocks. We went and got pumpkins & donuts. Came home and carved our pumpkins, made seeds and then went to my parents. From there Nanner(my mom) watched the 3 oldest grand-babies so we could go see Gatlyn. Jess and I took Alexis and Owen with us. Here are some pictures of our day!
Picking them out. 
Falling a lot:)
Even Miss Graceful;)
found her perfect bumpy pumpkin
Daddy finally picked his out so we got all loaded up and went inside for donuts!
She got sick of this after a while.
fun with the guts!
 JoJo has a 3 faced pumpkin. What a creative (but semi strange) child we have!
photo courtesy of JoJo
Perfection in the works
End Result:)
I was attempting to have it look like Top Gun...I know awful
My little cowboy:)
What a ham!

 Life is too short to 
stress yourself with 
people who don't even
deserve to be an issue 
in you're life

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