Sunday, October 9, 2011

the grand entrance

Well, well, who would have thunk it. We have made it to 28 weeks.

Wondering what's so great about 28 weeks. . . let me enlighten you.
  • Risk of severe mental retardation goes down dramatically
  • Risk of cerebral palsy goes down dramatically
  • His organs are much more developed
  • Hearing shouldn't be an issue
  • Eyesight issues are starting to go away:) 
  • This makes a mama a little more at peace.
And the above was all above was part of my what I thought would be my "first third trimester post". Also I had a WHOLE lot more typed. But, here is a new fresh post. 

As you probably could tell if you are a facebook friend of mine, Gatlyn made his appearance into this crazy world. I will post the whole story later on. For now just a quick update because this mama is tired.

He has NO ventilator!!! huge deal for this little guy! He does have a CPAP (i believe that is what it is) which just helps him remember/know when to breath. Basically the same machine as people with sleep apnea have. He also has a feeding tube, IV in the foot and then an artery IV in the cord, and a pulse thingy on the other foot. He is actually doing great. He is on supplements that are easier for him to digest right now, they go in through the foot IV. Jess and I will be gaining lots of knowledge on Gate this next week. 

As for me, even though talking about Gatlyn is way better, I am feeling alright. Obviously not gonna be   running laps anytime soon. Currently just really tired and slow to move. But, I am pumping for lil' Gate and it seems to be going pretty well. 

I am also really excited that his first visitors are both sets of grandparents. He already is feeling the love that this family of ours has. 

A big shout out to the in laws for there "midnight" help and such. You guys are too good to us. We love you.

Comparison is the THIEF of Joy

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  1. Mallorie, you're in my prayers. Can you hold him yet? I've heard how kangaroo care (skin-to-skin) can help preemie babies be super healthy. I'm sure you and Jess are worried. I'm so happy you could keep him in there this long. Did you go into labor, or did the doctors decide it was time?


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