Sunday, October 23, 2011

jumping off this bus.

What bus am I jumping off you ask? I am jumping off the struggle bus.

Hmm...why am I even on the struggle bus? Let me explain.

Last week started off kind of rough. I just wanted to hold my little cowboy and for some reason it never worked out until Thursday. So after some tears I finally was able to hold him:) Happy mama!

Then, Thursday night I spent some alone time with JoJo. We went to watch one of her babysitters play volleyball. We also seen her other babysitter there, which meant pure heaven for the little lady. She asked a few too many questions about volleyball. I never thought she would get into that, lol. It was funny to listen to her talk about it.

Then Friday was an alright day, the girls and I met Jess at the hospital with Pizza Hut(YUM!!) and Raebug was going to meet Cowboy for the first time. Along with his Great Grandma Schrock. Raebug seen him for about .5 minutes, which was more than enough. Then both sets of Grandparents were there and like I said earlier Great Grandma Schrock. It was kinda hectic in the waiting room (you are only allowed 4 people in at a time to see him). Then Raebug went with my wonderful inlaws so we could stick around for care time. Where Gatlyn weighed 2 pounds 5 ounces and was up to 15mL at his feedings. 
Getting his belly measured. Look at his hair.

On our way to get groceries on Saturday I called to check in on the wee one. And received some unsettling news. Cowboy wasn't being the cowboy we all knew. He wasn't feisty at all and was just very lethargic looking. Which made his nurses and doctors worried. They took immediate action and started him on IV antibiotics because they suspected he may be getting an infection. They took blood cultures to check and see what was going on and stopped his feedings. He seem to perk up a little bit over the day and when we went to see him he opened his eyes for a minute. But wasn't really the cowboy we knew. As of this morning when I called the blood culture showed a type of infection that could be from his PICC line. But, on the flip side he was acting much more like the feisty little cowboy we know and love. So he is still on antibiotics and I am going to go spend an hour or two with him tonight because Jess isn't feeling the best:( So I just keep praying and remain faithful that God will take care of that little guy and give him strength. And hopefully soon I will be able to find that balance between the girls and wee man.

Just returned from a visit to the hospital and he is just plain pooped today. A lot of "procedures" (aka poking) made him exhausted. Pray BIG things for a little guy!

Here are some fun pictures from our night at the in laws while watching the State game.

Daddy Love


He is getting so big:) I can't believe it!

And a pic of Cowboy with his peepers open!

The longer you. 
wait for something,
the more you'll
appreciate it when 
you get it. 
Cause anything
worth having is, 
worth waiting...

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