Monday, January 2, 2012

The Wives Are Thinkin'

Uh oh, we are thinkin'. . . are you nervous yet?? Don't worry it is just about date nights!

Jess and I go on more dates than my sisters. This is due to the fact my girls love to have a babysitter come to the house. I remember loving that too when I was young. And plus I live in a location that gives me TONS of sitter options. I am very thankful for that. Before the last 4 months we didn't go on dates as much though. Now anytime we go to the hospital together I consider it a date. We talk a lot on our dates and I love having the chance to catch up! A night for us usually includes dinner at Olga's or Applebees. Olga's because I love it and Applebees because there is usually a game on we want to watch:) We enjoy watching sports together. And then we will go shopping or my favorite thing to do is go ice skating. Jess played hockey-therefore he skates GREAT (a little turn-on)haha! I think dates are important. My mom has always said that many people's marriage are strained after the kids leave the house. After being a mama now for almost 4 years, I can totally understand it. We are trying our best to take time just for us as well and time with the kids! Therefore we talk a lot and do a lot together. Well. . . I talk a lot and we do a lot together;) What are your favorite dates or is there a different place you think we should try!? 

The hubs and I haven't been gone out on a "just the two of us" date in a little over 3 months. I'm really jonesing for one. We used to go out quite a bit before our little Love Bean arrived. In fact, the Friday/Saturday/Sunday before she was born (she was born on a Tuesday) I made the hubs take me out every night. I think subconsciously, I knew I needed to cram a few in because I wasn't gonna get one for awhile.

Since it's hard for us to go out now that Love Bean has arrived, and we both think it's important to get some couple time, we have stay-dates. After Love Bean goes down for the night (around 9ish) we'll play board games or catch up on our favorite TV shows together. Our current favorite is Quarto (thanks mom and dad!) but Scrabble and Farkle are in the rotation. Stay-dates are fun and FREE! They're a great option if you're like us a lining up childcare is a huge chore, or if money just a little tight and you're looking for something free and fun!

It is hard to believe but the prince and I have not been on a date alone together since the princess arrived, that is 6 months!! I would love one but that little girl seems to have her daddy wrapped around her finger. I have gotten stood up twice by him because he chose her over me :(. ( I'm embarrassed to admit that) Crazy I know, but like Jamie we get a lot of, well usually nightly, stay-dates. Ruth heads to bed early so we use that time to have some us time. This usually involves renting a movie on itunes, me making a late night dinner, and sharing a couple cans of Coke. I could not agree more that date nights are really important for a relationship and we really gotta take a night out on the town one night. So if your hubby's like mine (which there are probably not many of you ;)) don't worry your not alone!!!

Praise the LORD! Gatlyn is now breathing completely on his own! And his feedings have been going well. He is still getting his feeds on a drip but he is digesting and pooping:) 

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