Monday, January 2, 2012

great stuff.

So yet again I write a crazy depressing post and then things start to turn around. Well not JUST turn around. But COMPLETELY turn around. I am totally crediting it to the power of prayer. Because as soon as I let people know what we can pray for this happen. 



Saturday they switch from a jet vent to a conventional vent. I was pumped about that. THEN we get a call Sunday they were taking him off the vent and putting him on Nasal Cannula. Not only is he back on what he was prior to surgery but the level of help he is getting is lower too! As if this weekend couldn't get any better-he pooped too!! Not just a little either. I never thought I would be that happy to smell a stinky diaper! I can't stop smiling! Jess got to hold him today too!

These 2 fellas have my heart along with a couple ladies:)

On another note I pretty much have the best husband ever. I feel like you might be jealous after you hear what he did;) total joke, but for real! While the girls and I were at church he stayed home. Our furnace quit working so he was trying to fix it. (life of a homeowner....) He ended up having to call someone to look at it. Don't worry it's fixed now and I have got it CRANKED! Back to what he did- he cleaned the ENTIRE downstairs. Like GOOD, not just pick up and put some stuff away. Like all out cleaned everything, well except the bathroom, put all of the Christmas stuff away. His cleaning ways work for him but I don't work the way he does so it takes me FOREVER to clean.

Jesse's Cleaning Strategy
Pick one room to start in.
Take anything that doesn't belong in that room and toss it in the room it belongs.
Pick up trash or whatever random stuff that has filtered in.
Move on to next room.

He says he will take care of stuff if it goes in a room that he already cleaned. 

I cannot do that. I have to take something from one room to another, I have to put it away. Then that gets me distracted and I start cleaning that room. 

Anyway Jess is great-and I have to clean Andi's room today which is the one room he didn't get to. Guess whose stuff was laying aimlessly in other rooms and got tossed back into their room... yup Jo. So there is a HUGE pile of STUFF in her room to be taken care of. PLUS all the other random stuff. I will take cleaning her room over the whole house any day though. I have a great husband.... most of the time;)


  1. YAY GATLYN! Way to go, buddy!

    I'm so happy for you and Jess (and the girls, too) :D

  2. I am so proud to be your mom!
    Can't wait to see what you three have in store. I love reading each of your blogs but now I can just read it all on one!!


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