Friday, January 27, 2012

The most for your buck and baby

I am learning that babies, or well I guess kids, grow FAST. Today I was putting on a dress that the princess has only wore once before and  couldn't get her arm through the sleeve. I was like come on Ruth we just got this! It seems like I just let her wear everything she has in that size once and then I go to have her wear it again and it doesn't fit!

Buying new clothes every time can be hard on the wallet. We are lucky enough to have two older nieces ahead of Ruthie so we get tons of hand-me downs which helps a lot. But  of course there are things we need that we don't get from  Mal or our crazy Nanner and sometimes there are times that we just want to buy Ruth something ourselves. But how that usually ends is we go to the store look at the price tag and walk away saying "Why spend that, when she is going to be out of it in a week?"

I have a feeling I am not the only one thinking this. So I thought I'd share some ways I save on clothes expenses and some MUST GO places to shop.

1. It is pretty obvious,but GARAGE SALES. Hit those things up, if you get to the right ones you can score BIG!! Think ahead too, what size will he/she be in this season? Buy ahead.
2. The LilHearts consignment shop is GREAT. It is located in Grand Ledge and they have so much stuff from clothes, car seats, strollers, and cribs. And it is all in great condition, some still with tags! I bought Ruth a brand new pea coat from there from Children's Place for like 5 bucks.  Check out there Facebook page here.
3. Although I have never been here, I have heard of Village kids. located in Ada.

Second hand clothing is just has good and is easy on the pocket. Save the moolah for special outfits!! :)

 Any second hand shops that are MUSTS. Please Share!


  1. Have you ever been to ? It's a site where you can post your children's outgrown clothes by the box and then also buy clothes buy the box!

    It's a cool concept and Eversave is currently offering $20 to Thredup for just $10.

    I think new members to Eversave still receive a $3 credit meaning you could snag the deal for just $7.

  2. I've never been to Once Upon A Child in GR, but Emily Stahl goes there and says it's great. I plan to check it out soon! I think they also have a location in BC.

  3. @My Favorite Deals...I'll have to check that out!Sounds Interesting,do you get to see what's in the box or is it a surprise?

    Karla...I think I have heard out that too! We'll have to go sometime!


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