Monday, January 23, 2012

oh to be young

I thought I would share a little bit of the daily things my kids say. I laugh a lot at them. And at times I leave the room because I shouldn't be laughing. These are the things that make me smile.

Jo comes sliding down the stairs saying, "Oh mom, I is drunk. I is so drunk."
Me, "What?"
Jo, "I'm drunk."
Me, "Where did you learn that?"
Jo, "I learnid it myself. Nobodies told me that."

In a really excited voice Jo yells, "Mom I'm so frustrated!"
"Oh what's wrong?"
"Nuting I just frustrated."
"Oh, you mean excited..."
Then I went onto to explain what each word meant.

Jo walks into kitchen and says, "Hey mom, can I have a cookie?"
Me, "No."
Jo, "Aww, Raelin has a cookie."
Me, "Ok, but you still can't have one."
Rae walks into the room and Jo asks in a really nice baby voice, "Raelin, you wanna share dat cookie wit me?"
Rae leaves room.
(nope she didn't get a cookie and I also should add she had already had one while rae was napping)

Jo stayed the night at Nanner's so we took Rae out to eat and to see Gatlyn.
We were waiting for our food and Rae was walking around. She walked over to the tall gumball machine and says this. "Maa, iwaneedaollar."
Me laughing, "You need a dollar?"

Cowboy is making steady improvements. He is not getting the opportunity to bottle feed much and when he does he is struggling. So they are trying to get him to use a controlled flow bottle. We get to hold him, give him sponge baths, dress him, change diapers we are just waiting until we can finally feed him:) Today is the first day he got to go up on his food by 1mL and down on his TPN(total parenteral nutrition). The TPN can have negative effects if he is on it too long. He was almost off it until he had to go back down on his feedings. So we are just praying that feedings can move along so he can get off of it.

is the reason why
even in pain, i smile;
in confusion, i understand;
in betrayal, i trust;
and in fear, i continue to fight.

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